Grateful Moment

Today I want to tell you about my grateful moment.

When I was 8 grade in Darul Hikam Junior Highschool, I went to the math courses at the end of school. When I went to the course is 4 pm and I started to work on my question letter. And then once I checked my phone, its low batt already. and then I finished at 6 o'clock less and I tried to contact my mom with chat at Line, WhatsApp but she's not responded. Why I'm not calling her? because I didn't have any pulse. Poor me. But suddenly, I remember that my best friend had my mother number. So, I contact her and ask for help to contact(calling) my mom and she said yes and she said my mom answered her already. Hear that good news from her, I'm really grateful because of her. Finally, my mom picked me up. I'm really thankful to her. and then, when I asked my mom why she's not answered me and she said there are no messages from me. and when I'm finally at home, my mom said "Wow, the message just arr…


Mail's Saturday Night 

Mail   :"Hello! My name is Ismail. Yo can call me Romis." Dyah  :"Hello! My name is Dyah. Nice to meet you." Mail   :"By the way, do you want to listen to my story?"
Dyah  :"What story about?" Mail   :"About my satnight with my friends." Dyah  :"Sure." Mail   :"We started from 6 pm until 8 pm. The PS4 cafe name's Vamos." Dyah  :"Where is Vamos location?" Mail   :"It near Tirtayasa street." Dyah  :"How was the situation? Mail   :"It was condusive and it was very fun because i can played together with my friends." Dyah  :"Oh.. good then. So, you enjoyed the satnight,right? Mail   :"Of course." Dyah  :"Ok.By the way i have to go

My Life

Assalammu 'alaikum

My name is Dyah Listya Rini. You can call me "Dyah" or "Dydy". I was born at Tangerang on July 11 . And i'm 15 years old. I live at Jl.Cisitu Indah 5 no.51 Dago, Bandung.  I'm 10 grade at SMAN 3 Bandung. My hobby is listen a music and swimming. I love swimming together with my family and my bestfriend. And also i love listen a music because it little bit makes me feel better.

I want to tell you that, i have a perfect happy family. I have a lovely parents and 3 sibling.
My father's name is Setya Gunawan and My mother's name is Ana Maryana. My elder brother's name is Aditya and  my second brother's name is Dimas. and also i have a sister, her name is Salwa. and they are most important people in my life. And of course, I love them very much.

And then i have people who completed my life is my bestfriends. They're means to me too. I love gathered with them because that makes my happy life is happier. I would like…